Zilis Announces Revolutionary New Precision Spectrum™ Hemp Products

Argyle, Texas, October 1, 2020Zilis LLC, a CBD industry leader, has launched new cannabinoid-based products, featuring Precision Spectrum™ extracts.

The new Precision Spectrum™ hemp oils include UltraBliss™ with cannabichromene (CBC) hemp oil, UltraR&R™ with cannabinol (CBN) hemp oil, and UltraReVV™, with a targeted formula of cannabidiol (CBD), cannabidivarin (CBDV), and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) hemp oils.

The Precision Spectrum™ hemp oils combine cutting-edge genetics and proprietary processing methods to target a specific cannabinoid profile.

Gabriel Ettenson, Senior Innovation Strategist for Zilis, spoke on the importance of this product launch, “Having been in the hemp industry since its inception, the introduction of Precision Spectrum™ extracts into a ground-breaking minor cannabinoid product line is an innovative, ‘one-two punch’ of epic proportions. In the same way Zilis disrupted the industry with its UltraCell™ technology in 2015, we’ve done it again in 2020, and therefore continue to solidify our position as the market leader.”

Marielle Weintraub, Ph.D., Director of Scientific Research and Development and Chairman of the Zilis Medical Advisory Board, also commented on the new products, “As interest and research of cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system continues to grow, being able to formulate products based on science and research and with targeted effects will change how the public views and utilizes these innovative new products.”

Zilis made the announcement at FallFest, their worldwide virtual event including thousands of enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors from across the United States and Europe. In addition to the new hemp-derived product, Zilis also announced two additions to their UltraSupport™ line of health supplements, UltraSupport™ Zinc and UltraSupport™ Collagen Complex.

Steven Thompson, CEO and Founder of Zilis explained how this product launch represents the mission for the company, “We are committed to be the world leader when it comes to technology and development in the hemp industry. We’ve set the benchmark high with our other products, and we’re breaking ground in product formulation, technology, and innovation with our new Precision Spectrum™ products.”


About Zilis LLC
As a hybrid social marketing company focused on endocannabinoid system health, Zilis is the creator of hemp-derived products including UltraCell™, UltraCell™ Topical, UltraCell™ Powder, UltraCell™ Pet, UltraCBG™, UltraBliss™, UltraR&R™, UltraReVV™, and hemp-free products including a line of boosters to support specific areas of wellness, and their UltraSupport™ line of health supplements. Zilis trusts its distributed workforce of Independent Ambassadors to sell its products to customers either independently or through their Ambassador retail business. Based in Argyle, Texas, a suburb of Dallas-Ft. Worth, Zilis is privately held.


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