UltraCell™ Product

Does Raw have more CBD than Lemon or Berry?
No, all three UltraCell™ CBD products, Lemon, Berry and Raw, have the same amount of CBD.
Does the UltraCBG™ have CBD ? Does the UltraCell™ have CBG?
Yes and Yes. There is more CBD and less CBG in the UltraCell™ CBD product, and more CBG and less CBD in the UltraCBG™ product.
What is the dosage for dogs?
For pets, the amount given is going to be determined by the weight of the pet. In our new product for Pets, with salmon flavor, the serving size is one drop per 5lbs. of body weight, 2 times a day.
Was the CBD product tested by a lab or has a certificate of analysis. Some bottles have a QR code that is linked to the COA? Also looking to see if the COA says that the lab meets iso 17025 standards.
Yes, All UltraCell™ products are tested at Eurofins Laboratories which is ISO 17025 certified


How is hemp cultivated?

Hemp can be grown either outdoors or indoors in greenhouses. The hemp Zilis uses is grown outdoors.

How is hemp extracted?

Hemp can be extracted through a variety of methods. Zilis utilizes supercritical CO2 extraction.  

Do we use preservatives?

Yes, in order to assure longevity and safety of our products we use Potassium Sorbate as a preservative. It Is indicated as a preservative on the label.

Where is the hemp grown?

The hemp is grown in Colorado, USA.

What is stevia?

Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from plants. 

Are we non-GMO?

We do not use GMO hemp or ingredients in our products.

Is our hemp organically sourced?

Our hemp is organically sourced, and we test every finished product batch for over 65 pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. No products are released if levels are detected from this testing.

What can I offer for the objection to both Xanthan Gum and Acacia Gum in the ingredients listed in Ultra Cell CBD and CBG?

Both Xanthan Gum and Acacia Gum are natural substances with existing evidence of safety in foods. They even have been shown to have health benefits alone. They are essential for delivering a high bioavailability product because of the water-solubility characteristics.

What grade of GABA is used in UltraDream?

100% GABA

How many grams/mgs of Xylitol is in Edge?

150mg of xylitol per serving


Are UltraCell™ CBD and CBG products water soluble?
The UltraCell™ technology, used in our UltraCell™ CBD and CBG products, was developed for advanced delivery of the Zilis full spectrum hemp oil extract. And as a result, UltraCell™ is fully dispersible in water. In the hemp industry, the term “water soluble” is commonly used to describe this water dispersible chemistry and more easily communicates how CBD can be utilized by a water-based system such as our bodies. Technically however, all CBD is naturally oil soluble, and unless the CBD is synthetic or is altered (such as development into nano sized particles), it cannot be fully water soluble.  Zilis does not change or alter the size of the molecule (UltraCell™  is not nano technology).
What are Mimetix?
Typically, the conversation about the endocannabinoid system (ECS) revolves around phytocannabinoids alone. Mimetix™ takes ECS health to a whole new level. Mimetix™ includes cannabimimetics that have a similar pharmacological impact on the ECS as phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids made in the hemp plant).
How long does it last once opened?
Assuming the product is protected from excessive heat or ultraviolet light, the product is expected to last for 18-24 months from the manufacture date.
Is the date on the bottom of the bottle the expiration date?
No, the date on the bottom of the bottle is the manufactured date.
Is there CBD in the Booster line?
No, there are no hemp-derived cannabinoids in the booster line.
Do we have the NSF certification for sports?
No, the NSF certification for sports is not available for CBD products at this time.
Why would a NARK test positive for THC?
UltraCell™ products are made with Full spectrum hemp extract, which includes trace amounts of THC, well below federally mandated legal limits


Can you provide any information for a patient w/ liver issues to discuss w/ her doctor about our sublingual product since CBD smoked or capsule damages the liver according to Dr. Sanja Gupta (CNN)?
Zilis recommends anyone with existing medical conditions speak to their physician prior to using the products.
What is the COA information for 1 oz Berry in comparison to Hempworx?
Because of the high bioavailability and absorption of the Zilis products, comparison to other crude-oil based products, like those sold by HempWorx, is near impossible. Previously completed studies on UltraCell™ CBD shows an absorption of 94% whereas other traditional CBD products are known to have absorption levels that range from 3%-6%
Can Zilis make a CBD nose spray?
Unfortunately, no. A nose spray is considered a medical device, and therefore, is no longer a dietary supplement product.
UltraCell™ product, including UltraCBG are labeled full spectrum, but is the CBG product considered a true full spectrum with all 400 compounds found in the hemp plant? Or is it considered fractionated since it only contains CBG?
Yes, both UltraCell™ CBD and UltraCell™ CBG products are made from full spectrum hemp extracts. Nothing is fractionated during the processing of the extracts.
Is UltraCell™ Raw a different variety of cannabis or processed differently from UltraCell™ Lemon/Berry? Is UltraCell™ Raw truly raw or is that simply its name and it’s the same as Lemon/Berry just w/out the sweetener or flavoring?
There are no processing differences in the way we make the Raw, Lemon, and Berry UltraCell™ CBD products. The only difference is the inclusion of flavoring ingredients for the Berry and Lemon products.
Statements are being made like "CBD oil requires also essential oils to be effective". Does your product contain any essential oils? If so, what?
We are unaware of any legitimate research on the effectiveness of essential oils; however, hemp has naturally occurring essential oils, called terpenes, that are naturally included in our ingredients.
Is UltraCell™ nanotechnology can you explain?
UltraCell™ is not nanotechnology. We do not change or alter the size of the molecule, UltraCell™ is a proprietary encapsulation technology that is designed to increase the effectiveness of CBD by preventing the normal losses and breakdown during the first-pass metabolism (when most compounds are degraded and therefore are less available to be used by our bodies), it does not alter the structure of the molecule.
Does nanotechnology harm the chemical structures of compounds?
At this point, we don’t have enough research completed to know if nanotechnology harms the chemical structure of compounds, but it does change them. In most nanotechnology processes the larger compounds are split in order to generate smaller-sized particles. Unfortunately there are still a lot of companies that choose cheap materials over quality materials so the chances of nano-sized heavy metals and pesticides entering the cells is a very real issue for nano-hemp and nano-CBD products. From FDA’s approach to regulation of nanotechnology products “The very changes in biological, chemical and other properties that can make nanotechnology applications so exciting, however, also may merit examination to determine any effects on product safety, effectiveness, or other attributes.” In addition there is some early research that nano CBD holds promise However, experts are calling for more clinical trials and rigorous testing. This is because nanoparticles can enter human cells and accumulate in various organs, potentially leading to inflammation and tissue damage.
Where is the product metabolized, the liver or the kidneys?
While it will ultimately be metabolized by the liver, the UltraCell™ delivery bypasses the first pass metabolism by the liver where 95% of CBD from regular products get rejected.
Is Hemp Oil extract the only oil used in UltraCell™ drops?


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