• “You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

    John BunyanEnglish Preacher & Writer

Zilis donated 10 million days of prenatal vitamins in 2019


VITAMIN ANGELS (Global)— Through our partnership with Vitamin Angels, Zilis donates prenatal vitamins to expectant mothers and their infants to help eradicate malnutrition. Globally, about five babies die every minute, largely from preventable causes and in early 2018, Zilis joined Vitamin Angels to prevent this epidemic. Presently, Zilis is providing one million expectant mothers with prenatal vitamins each day


MULTIVITAMINS (Haiti)— While visiting Haiti in 2014, our founder witnessed an epidemic of childhood malnutrition first hand and decided to do something about it. Partnering with a local NGO, Zilis created daily nutrition packs for the children of Haiti and to date, has distributed tens of millions of packets. Zilis nutrition packs are proven to reduce and even prevent childhood malnutrition when used consistently. Zilis is making an impact that cannot be erased.