Black Diamond Elites have elevated and polished their business to a sparkling gem among gems. They have weathered the pressure to earn the style, status, and prestige as the crown jewel of Zilis™ .

  • Jenny & Tony Lusby

    Jenny & Tony Lusby


Double Diamonds are motivated to do more, be more, and expect more for their business. Their leadership and support for their team are great achievements driven by their desire for excellence.

  • Brian & Angela Gasperson

    Brian & Angela Gasperson

  • Ben & Danielle Taylor

    Ben & Danielle Taylor


Of the thousands of Ambassadors, Diamonds have elevated themselves with tireless work and incredible drive. Diamonds are never satisfied with being good enough and constantly strive for the best. They deal with the pressure and put in the time to emerge totally transformed.

  • Madelin & Dr. Matt Andry

    Madelin & Dr. Matt Andry


Presidential Ambassadors have reached a defining level earned by very few. A qualified Presidential is responsible for a business that speaks for itself. Character and work ethic produce an entrepreneur who is disciplined, driven, and decisive. Unlocking this achievement is the beginning of something incredible.

  • Preston Aguilar

    Preston Aguilar

  • Eva & Chris Angelopoulos

    Eva & Chris Angelopoulos

  • Bryan & Lisa Conroy

    Bryan & Lisa Conroy

  • Jason & Anne Nicole Flinn

    Jason & Anne Nicole Flinn

  • Debbie & Dr. Stephen Gant

    Debbie & Dr. Stephen Gant

  • Hal & Lisa Bell Henson

    Hal & Lisa Bell Henson

  • Dr. Joseph & Marsanne Kunzer

    Dr. Joseph & Marsanne Kunzer

  • Cynthia Maurice & Deb Landreman

    Cynthia Maurice & Deb Landreman

  • Audra Nicholls

    Audra Nicholls

  • Dawn & Jeff Richardson

    Dawn & Jeff Richardson

  • Kerrie Suits

    Kerrie Suits


National Ambassadors have proven themselves successful leaders and mentors. Their teams thrive through the comradery and entrepreneurial support that every new business needs to grow. Ambassadors at the National level also receive additional benefits, like the Infinity Bonus program—a privilege rewarded for dedication and service.

  • Brent & Leigh Barnes

    Brent & Leigh Barnes

  • Amy Brenner

    Amy Brenner

  • Karl & Joni Buch

    Karl & Joni Buch

  • Sarah Bullers

    Sarah Bullers

  • Jim & Judy Clancy

    Jim & Judy Clancy

  • Jim Cleveland

    Jim Cleveland

  • Tyler DeBerry

    Tyler DeBerry

  • Sherry & Steve Divine

    Sherry & Steve Divine

  • Sessee Earthheart

    Sessee Earthheart

  • Linda & Dr. Greg Hardin

    Linda & Dr. Greg Hardin

  • Dr. Derrick Hendricks

    Dr. Derrick Hendricks

  • Alexsa Inabnitt

    Alexsa Inabnitt

  • Greg & Barb Johnson

    Greg & Barb Johnson

  • Kelly & Dr. Scott Johnson

    Kelly & Dr. Scott Johnson

  • Laurie & Mitch Lambert

    Laurie & Mitch Lambert

  • Regan Long

    Regan Long

  • Lynn Luebke

    Lynn Luebke

  • Shawn Luedtke

    Shawn Luedtke

  • Jason Lyons

    Jason Lyons

  • Scott & Kelly Murray

    Scott & Kelly Murray

  • Martin & Robin Rau

    Martin & Robin Rau

  • Laura & Ron Ruckel

    Laura & Ron Ruckel

  • Robin Shellenberger

    Robin Shellenberger

  • Kim Cloud Skidmore

    Kim Cloud Skidmore

  • Kim & Brian Starcevich

    Kim & Brian Starcevich

  • Cindy & Darrell Stipcich

    Cindy & Darrell Stipcich

  • Mary Tripp

    Mary Tripp

  • Maria & Vince Van Dam

    Maria & Vince Van Dam

  • Dr. Chandra Villano

    Dr. Chandra Villano

  • Brian & Amy Wilson

    Brian & Amy Wilson

  • Amy Zahora

    Amy Zahora