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Direct selling will always be a superior way to bring products to the market.  There is simply nothing like it since word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising in the world.  However, have you ever wondered why products sold by direct sales companies are so expensive?  The reality is that instead of simply acting as retail organizations these companies are manufacturing and logistical organizations as well.  As a result, they assume burdensome overhead that must be paid for by someone.  Massive amounts of inventory stored in giant warehouses, large staffing and the resulting administrative costs are just a few of the challenges these companies face.  Who pays for these costs?  You guessed it.  The customers and distributors pay these costs in the form of inflated pricing and lower commission payouts.  At Zilis, our one of a kind model allows us the flexibility to avoid these pitfalls.  The results are the lowest pricing structure and the highest payouts in the industry, including our unique benefits package for independent entrepreneurs.

the most efficient model in direct sales today

It’s been said that in most direct sales companies set their wholesale price to be equal to that of the price the product would likely sell for in a traditional retail setting.  While this may not be the actual strategy these companies use, it’s not far from the truth.  The Zilis platform is built entirely on efficiency and prices set to real fair market value, not some over-inflated price that only people working the program will pay.  The question is how do we do it and still offer a lucrative compensation plan for our Ambassadors?  Each process of our business model has been designed to leverage and streamline existing resources so Zilis can bring greater value where it matters most: our Customers, our Ambassadors, and our mission.

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It all begins with the product model itself.  In health and wellness, the product is everything!  Normally, a Direct Sales company private labels every product it offers in the name of “branding”.  What most do not realize, is that even for a company offering a small handful of quality products, the inventory load is tremendous.  In the world of manufacturing, there are only two choices.  Manufacturing in low quantity is never a good choice because the cost of the individual products skyrockets.  Most companies opt for the second option, which is making much higher quantities in pursuit of a higher price break.  There’s only one challenge.  This requires vast amounts of upfront capital.  This capital is then tied up in the inventory and may sit idle on the shelf in massive warehouses for months, if not years.  As a result, companies are forced to commit to smaller product lines, narrowing their focus into smaller areas and limiting the products their Distributors are able to sell.  These costs must be passed along to the end user in the form of higher priced products and lower commissions to distributors.

Zilis can be described as Amazon meets health and wellness.  Like  Amazon, Zilis is not manufacturing the products we offer.  Rather, we partner with the top manufacturers to offer the most popular products on the market.  Our goal is to bring the best products in the world into one marketplace at tremendous savings to our Customers and Ambassadors.  A big portion of how we accomplish this is through the efficiency of shared inventory.


When a company is loaded with 100% private labeled inventory, they are also solely responsible for its distribution. In the world of shipping and logistics most direct sales companies are swallowed by the larger competition.  Each product must reside in the company’s own private warehouse, staffed by the company’s own employees.  These costs must be covered and unfortunately, the two places to find this are higher prices and lower commissions.

At Zilis, we operate a shared distribution model.  Our brand partners ship every day.  There is no need for Zilis to absorb the cost burden of housing hundreds of products in one central warehouse.  Why invest money into this when we could invest into lower price and higher commissions?  Exactly.


It is ever-present in our world today and ever-changing for every company.  However, a business built on efficiency is able to translate that efficiency into its technology. Each process involved in our day to day operations runs on the Zilis Cloud, both internally at corporate as well as for our Independent Ambassadors.   Our proprietary Cloud technology eliminates large amounts of overhead, staffing, and administrative costs.  These savings are then passed along to our Customers and Ambassadors.


Two words that every CFO hates to hear are research and development, but the reality is that every company must invest into its future.  As with manufacturing, Zilis operates a shared R & D plan with our suppliers.  Our goal is to be the best in the world at three things: customer service, Ambassador support and global distribution of nutrition for the children.  Our suppliers are the experts in their respective fields.  Their entire business is their product.  Zilis supports our suppliers in new advances in product development, however, we do not bear the burden.

We pride ourselves on offering an ever-expanding line of the world’s highest quality products at unheard of value to our Customers and Ambassadors.  All of this is done while maintaining dollar for dollar matching on every product we sell.  Collectively, this leads to a larger social exchange, world-class support and unheralded opportunity.

The Road to Freedom Starts Here

We’re proud to offer the latest in technology to our Ambassadors through our proprietary Zilis Cloud.  At Zilis, we understand our greatest asset is our team of Independent Ambassadors.  Our job is to equip them with the latest technology and resources be successful in their pursuit.  In addition, we believe in the human touch and that is why we offer live Support six days a week along with real-time reporting through the Ambassador Cloud.


Add it all together and it means one thing, greater value, greater opportunity and greater impact.  The road to freedom starts here.  Join the movement today.