To accomplish any big dream, it takes a team of committed individuals.  Whether in the office, the field or abroad, we are one family with one mission.  The only thing missing is you.

Zilis is prepared for momentum and built to last.

In order to achieve anything of significance it takes a team of dedicated and talented people.  Zilis knows that people are our greatest asset and we have created a team of leaders to accomplish our mission.  This team consists of corporate staff, field leadership, brand partners and nonprofit partners.


Our company is led internally by a visionary and experienced team with 100 years of experience in the direct sales industry.  This is important because typical business experience does not automatically translate into the home-based business world.  Starting with our Founder and CEO, our team knows what it takes to build a successful global direct sales company.  In addition, the core members of management have worked together for many years, creating a strong and cohesive bond.


In this industry, everything rises and falls on leadership.  This is never more true in the field.  Without field leadership, there isn’t a company and that is why Zilis invests into its people.  From our unique Benefits Package to leadership development the company is committed to growing a massive team of field leaders.  As a result, Zilis is attracting the industry’s top talent.


Our team has sought out and hand-selected each brand partner.  We have identified, researched and partnered with the top rated manufacturers in their respective areas.  Each brand partner is dedicated to providing the highest quality products available at tremendous value to consumers.  Our goal is or these partnerships to be mutually beneficial and long-term.  As we grow, Zilis will continue to expand our product offering by attracting the gold standard in product development, research and manufacturing.


Zilis was built on the pay it forward concept, yet none of this is possible without our dedicated nonprofit partners.  These organizations serve as our “boots on the ground” for nutritional distribution.  Zilis is honored to be in partnership with the nonprofit arm of the MSPP in Haiti.  MSPP is akin to the National Institutes of Health in the United States and is respected the world over.  Their team of dedicated physicians, nurses, administrative staff and public health workers is committed to providing the children of Haiti with the best care possible.  This organization was specifically chosen by Zilis for this reason.