With over 100 high-quality and proprietary products at launch, Zilis is building the greatest health and wellness store on Earth.

Ask yourself this question, how many products does Amazon make?  How many retail stores do they have?   They don’t focus on making product, they focus on offering everything consumers want at prices you can’t find anywhere else.  After many years developing proprietary products in network marketing I realized we had it backwards.  Why not find the best products being made and offer them through our company?  The idea is simple, yet has unlimited possibility.

Steven Thompson, Founder & CEO

Three Explosive Industries

One Dynamic Opportunity


Imagine combining the power of Direct Sales, Health & Wellness and Online Retail into one.  This is Zilis.  The Pay It Forward Company. 

With a marketplace of over a billion potential consumers, the potential is limitless.  Since Zilis markets exclusively through our team of Independent Ambassadors, you have the opportunity to build a long-term and successful business for your family.  Furthermore, by paying nutrition forward with every sale, we have the power we could save millions of children from the devastating effects of malnutrition.

Know the Numbers

$1 Trillion

Amount spent on health and wellness by 2017. This is expected to increase 500% in the next ten years.

$107 Billion

Sold by Amazon in 2015, despite no retail locations and manufacturing virtually no products.

100 Million

The number of participants in Direct Sales worldwide.

11 Seconds

The frequency new home-based businesses are started.

This Gave Us An Idea

What if we brought the top selling wellness name brands together and offered them through one company?

Zilis has no manufacturing, inventory, logistical and distribution costs.  100% of this value is passed onto our Ambassadors and Customers.

With every sale, we pay forward nutrition to children who need it most.

A Closer Look


Percentage of overweight American adults.

65 and above

The fastest growing population in America.


Projected online retail sales in the United States by 2018.


Growth projected for wellness in the next decade.

Zilis has the answer.