Everyday a billion people use health products.  Everyday a billion children lack proper nutrition.  What if we gave a health product every time people bought one?


Each sachet in a Zilis Nutrition Pack contains the highest quality vitamin and mineral powders available. All it takes is adding one sachet to food or liquid each day to reverse and prevent malnutrition. A daily supply of these nutrients are critical for a child’s proper mental and physical development. If a child does not receive them, they are at an enormous risk for significant health problems that can last a lifetime.

Unlocking human potential

“The control of vitamin and mineral deficiency….offers as large an opportunity to improve lives and accelerate development at such a low cost and in such a short time”

World Bank

In 2012 the Copenhagen consensus invited a panel of eminent economists from around the world to study malnutrition. This panel determined that providing vitamin and mineral supplements to malnourished children is the best investment possible to advance global welfare.

Our vision is simple. By providing better health for your family through our world-class products, you empower Zilis to provide Nutrition Packs with every $30 of commissionable sales our company makes.  Our goal is to pay it forward to one million families a day by providing their children with proper nutrition in the next five years.  Together, we can do it!