The greatest health and wellness store on Earth.

Welcome to Zilis

Are you one of the billion people who use health products each day?  For most of us, we use a variety of these products to improve our lives.  Supplements, essential oils, organic personal care, weight loss and anti-aging are just a few of the products the average family invests into each month.  Every direct sales company claims to offer the best, but is it realistic for one company to have the resources to invest into creating a full suite of everything we need for proper health?

How It Works

Imagine an Amazon like store devoted exclusively to health & wellness.  One location where you would find the best products being made with the latest nutraceutical breakthroughs.  Our team searches the world over for the highest quality proprietary products and makes them available to you.  Not only will you find the best products available, but you’ll save money with every purchase thanks to our unique model.

Paying It Forward

The greatest wealth is health.  Unfortunately millions of children lack access to the proper nutrition their bodies desperately need.  According to the World Health Organization, the epidemic of childhood malnutrition is the greatest challenge our world faces.  The good news is that together we can make a difference.  Zilis is on a mission to provide proper nutrition to one million children a day in five years through our unique Pay It Forward nutrition program.

Save money every month and we’ll pay it forward to a child in need.